Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Virgin Blogger

I think I am realistic. In my line of work, it's hard not to be.

So I am under no illusions that (at least for the moment) anyone other than a few of my closest friends and perhaps the occasional stalker will read what I have to say here.

But since I spend so much of my time cooking, telling people what I've been cooking, deciding what I'll be cooking and thinking about what I will serve on a dinner party menu in 6 months from now, I thought it might be theraputic to just let some of that leak out. It gets awfully crowded in there.

Also, people often ask me to share my recipes and techniques so instead of typing an email or writing it down for them, I can just direct them here.

So my hope is to share a culinary journey which is sometimes triumphant, sometimes heartbreaking but always fascinating. And I can even include pictures. I have not yet decided whether I will include the results that end up in the bin but, I'll see where this takes us....

So thanks to all one or two of you for indulging me. Be sure to comment from time to time, even if it's only one of those puncutation frowny faces.


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  1. *****
    How's 5 stars for your first comment mate? I can't wait to try out your doughnuts, I'm sure the kids will love them. I must say, I've never thought of using ricotta... but I'm willing to give it a go. Keep up the great work, looking forward to your next tip. ;)
    Cheers, Nic.

  2. I'll read yours if you read mine :) I too just started my foodie blog and loving it !